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From the Pipes Below to the Vents Above 

Frontier Plumbing and Heating offers repair and installation for both heating and plumbing systems. For more than 20 years, we've brought a high standard of service to the home and business owners of South Jordan, Utah, and its surrounding areas. Whether you've got pipes that are leaking, a heating system puttering out, or a drain clogged up and holding nasty, smelly water, our highly trained technicians quickly and efficiently get your home up and running again. 

Ensuring a Smooth Flow for Air & Water

When you call us to fix your plumbing or heating systems, we begin by making a scheduled time to come out and inspect the problem. During this time, we diagnose the issue, assess its severity, and offer you a free quote for our services. We always get the job done right the first time, and offer a lifetime warranty of the parts we install. We are skilled in fixing a variety of issues on an extensive variety of heaters and plumbing systems, which include: 

Plumbing FixturesWater Heaters | Water Softeners | Frozen, Leaking, & Broken Pipes | Boilers | FurnacesRadiant Heaters | Natural Gas, Propane, & Electric Heating Systems

Faucet Installation

Updating Your Old Systems

When certain parts of your plumbing and heating systems just aren't cutting it anymore, sometimes it's just best to replace the whole system with a new one. Newer models of equipment like water heaters, boilers, and furnaces, are all not only superior in function, but they'll also save you money on energy costs in the long run. When you hire us to install your new pieces, rest assured that they will be installed properly and operating with optimal efficiency by the time we leave. 

Clearing the Way

Clogs in your drains and pipes can happen very easily from a variety of sources. Our exceptionally skilled employees are skilled in both determining the cause of a drain as well as clearing it away. We utilize cameras to inspect your pipes and find the source of the problem, saving the evidence on a USB drive for you to view and make a decision about. Depending on your decision we can simply clean the pipe with our motorized snake or if it's an older pipe caused problems, replace it with a new plastic one to prevent future recurrences. 

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